Clinton Friedman started making images professionally during his final year as a visual arts student (1997). In 2003 he started a photographic journey that would culminate in his monograph Subtraction (2007). This exhibition, specifically of botanicals, was a statement of intent that would come to define his aesthetic style.

Inherently grounded in the organic. From photography, art and design to interior and lifestyle products and fashion accessories, Clinton Friedman’s singular ability to showcase natures colour, form and texture is inherent in all that he does. His work is a celebration, a keenly refined point of view of our natural world – both its imperfections and its classical beauty – it transcends artifice in favour of uncompromising simplicity, forgoes trend in favour of timelessness. And in developing the clintonfriedman brand he has brought this distinctive style to bear both in his artistic output and considered range of products.

His work has local and international acclaim with collectors and representatives across the globe. An artrepreneur forever seeking new adventures in art and design, since 2003.

“As an artist he has two opposing processes: one mechanical, the capturing of light and the other intuitive, an unconstrained manipulation of texture, shape and colour. My drawings and paintings are the converse to my photographic studies. If photography is defined as the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy, then my paintings are a subconscious response to my surroundings and connection with the natural world. Although both techniques reveal my connection with nature, the end results are quite different. Where my photography illustrates, my paintings express. My practice is a sequence of techniques, expressly process-driven.” 





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