GEO Planter Bags
from R 395.00
GEO Planter Bags
Part of the RE-TEX collection, made from 100% recycled material (reclaimed plastic bottles) In-door - use an ‘Intuitive Watering System’ liner (sold separately) Out-door - pack planting medium directly into the plater bag, no liner required A durable geotextile made to withstand and...
from R 395.00
Indoor Plant Display Kit
Part of the RE-TEX collection, made from 100% recycled material (reclaimed plastic bottles) Included in the kit: -  RE-TEX planter bag - ‘Intuitive Watering System’ liner (allowing for simple water management) - Steel stand Suitable for residential and commercial indoor use.
R 895.00
Intuitive Watering System
Self-watering liner  Small - 25cm Medium- 30cm Large - 40cm Extra Large - 55cm
from R 195.00
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